The beautiful Dzerasshae

Here is the following part of the saga about Aexshaer and Aexshaertaeg. The story continues and the intrigue deepens.   

Aexshaertaeg arrived at the house of Donbettyr on the bottom of the sea. While the house was such a house, that it’s walls were made mother of pearl, its floor from blue glass and on the roof the morning star. In the house sat seven brothers, above them, two sisters of them, each more beautiful than the other, the hair of their head shone golden. “Peace in your home and may your morning be good,” said Aexshaertaeg when he entered. “Then may your part be good as well!” they said to him as well and they got up, the seven brothers and their two sisters, and they made Aexshaertaeg sit down; then the seven borthers sat themselves down, three of them higher than Aexshaertaeg, four of them lower.

When they had been seated for a small while, the brothers looked at Aexshaertaeg and they said to him: “Never was brought to us a guest similar to you, also never will there be brought one to us, and of course it is necessary to make you at ease, but we are in bitterness. “May god say no bitterness to you! But because of what do you grieve?” Aexshaertaeg answered them. They said to him: “We have three sisters and to their misfortune they have the habit to go the garden of the Narts. There on one tree grew a golden apple. Repeatedly it ripened by day, but repeatedly at night our sister Dzerashae stole it in this way; every time she entered in the appearance of a dove. Of course we have said to her: “Youth is spoiled on the Narts, when not a bird in the heaven dares to fly. Don’t go to the apple! But she didn’t listen to us. Aexshaer and Aexshaertaeg of the Narts –may they arrive on the swords of eachother!- they protected the apple tree and wounded her.”

There on that moment he heard moaning from the room. Aexshaertaeg answered: “Whose moaning is this?” “Alas! About that we say to you, this is our sister Dzerasshae.” “And is there no medicine for her?” answered Aexshaertaeg the brothers. And they said to him: “Of course there is a medicine for her.” “ And what is that medicine?” “Her drops of blood, these are her medicine; once you would collect these and once you would blow them upon her, then she will be saved, otherwise there is no more remedy for her. “What good will you do to him, who will save her?” answered Aexshaertaeg them. We would give him our beloved sister Dzerashae. God predestined him for her.” “Then I am Aexshaertaeg, the son of Waerxaeg of the Narts, I have her drops of blood, as I brougt her down, because I hit her, I will also heal her. Go and bring her here!”

The faces of the brothers are shining with joy. There was not an end to their happiness! And they said to Aexshaertaeg: “The girl is heavily ill, and it is not possible for her to go to you, but enter the room to go to her. The boy moved next to the patient. The girl lay in bed, her golden bangs hung loose to the ground, but from her face the suns seemed to laugh and from her neck two beautiful moons looked down. And she turned to Aexshaertaeg.
Then Aexshaertaeg smiled his smile out of great joy and pulled from his girdle, because of the powers in the silk handkerchief, the drops of blood of the girl and blew them on her. The beautiful Dzerashae stood up seven times more beautiful than she was before. Nine days and nine nights took the honeymoon of Aexshaertaeg and the girl of Donbettyr. And Dzerashae and Aexshaertaeg united as one as the sun and the moon in the sky.

They lived there days and weeks, then one day Aexshaertaeg was saddened, he remembered Aexshaer- and said: “It is no longer appropriate to me to live here – it is necessary that I will find my brother and that I will go for a while to my house. Dzerashae also rejoiced: “If you have a house, than why will we not go there –to us it is no longer appropriate to sit here.
They prepared for a footjourney. And on the miracle moment Dzerashae pulled a hair from her head and they became two fat mother-of-pearl-coloured fishes and they were on their way from the bottom of the sea to the surface of the sea.

Aexshaer had hunted untill that time, build on the seashore in a dark forest a tent from the hides of wild animals and awaited his brother. Then on a day he looked and the sea brought a white helm. Aexshaer rejoiced, whilst saying, my brothers goes up, and he thought: “Come and I will leave on a hunt, and that I may kill anything then for his return.” And he went off on the hunt.

In that time Waerxaeg of the Narts began to be very sad, saying “what became of my sons, when they don’t appear to me any more from anywhere. From day to day the sorrow conquered, his bodily strength broke to him. Then to the youth of the Narts this was very pleasant, after the sons of Waerxaeg didn’t arrive anymore, because to them Aexshaer and Aexshaertaeg didn’t give right and did harm upon them. And the youth of the Narts began to make fun of the old head of Waerxaeg and they took revenge upon him by making him shepherd of the Narts. Waerxaeg also from malice drove the flock of the Narts far away and poured them into the sea, by throwing them down from the tip of the cliff. A couple of days Waerxaeg didn’t go from the cattle-river to the village – his leg carried him no more because of the sorrow for his sons.

Aexshaertaeg and Dzerashae rose from the sea and saw on the seashore the tent of Aexshaer. They went to the tent. Aexshar was on the hunt, the tent was unused. When Dzerashae looked from the door of the tent, from the shining of her face was the tent so beautiful, as she said: “Until I have gotten enough of sitting in that tent, I wil not move from there!” Aexshaertaeg said to her: “In that case sit here untill that moment; I will seek my brother. And Aexshaertaeg was away searching ofr Aexshaer. On that moment Aexhaer on the other hand went to his tent. The two brother are seperated from eachother.

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