About the Author

Peter Alexander Kerkhof

Peter Alexander is currently working at Leiden University as a Research and Teaching associate, finishing his PhD-research on PGmc. apophony and the PIE l-stems. He did his BA in Medieval History at Leiden University, specializing in the history, culture and literatures of the Early Middle Ages. During this time he developed a great interest in ancient languages, whether they were spoken in the early middle ages or eons before.

The Old Germanic languages have been a main focus for his linguistic studies, but he also learned medieval Slavic and medieval Celtic languages.  Apart from learning multiple other Indo-European languages such as Ossetian and Armenian, Peter Alexander holds a great interest in the Classical languages, Greek and Latin.

Peter Alexander continued with a MA in Comparative Indo-European Linguistics at Leiden University. He specialized in Indo-European word formation and the historical grammar of the western Indo-European languages, writing his MA-thesis on the l-formations in Proto-Germanic and the ablaut of the Proto-Indo-European l-stems.